Sunday, April 24, 2011

The BYOE Party

Tonight we went to the BYOE ("Bring Your Own Eggs") Party at Terry and Lisa's house and had tons of fun! Would you like to hear a little bit about it? First, I always feel it's a good idea to dress for every occasion. From head . . .

. . . to toe.

There was tons of good food to eat too. I brought egg rolls. Get it? EGG rolls? Ha ha ha! My sister-in-law brought an artichoke/spinach/veggie/cheese spread that was fantastic--I really need to get that recipe and share it with you! There were also prawns and cocktail sauce; salami, cheese, and crackers; celery, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower with a dip--really the list of yummy stuff goes on and on.

We staged our primary attack on the food table not long after we arrived, while we waited for a couple other families. After that, several boxes of egg dyes were opened and cups full of dye baths were prepared. THEN the fun began!

For some of us, the fun was found in making strict rules about when it was appropriate to dip eggs into multiple color baths and which colors should be first and last. For others, the fun seemed to come with cracked eggs and messes. Still others found fun in the "art" of the egg.

The next photos show some of our eggs. Hubby made the yellow one with the tongue sticking out; I made the orange bunny just above and to the right of Hubby's; and Soccer Son made the pinkish skeleton chick one. (I don't know what I did to him when he was a child that made him turn into such an obviously disturbed adult. Sheesh!)

Here are a few more we "created."

Soccer Son's Lovely-Wife-to-be-Someday had not created an egg but they arrived late because Soccer Son had a football game that started at 6 p.m., so they were just getting started with their eggs when we left the party. And yes, that rather disturbed looking blue/purple egg there on the left was one I made. I dunno, but maybe Soccer Son comes by his darker side naturally. By the time I finished mine, I decided it looked like some kind of Frankenstein chick.

Well, it's time to take off my ears and slippers and head to bed. The REAL Easter Bunny will be here soon, but he won't come if I'm still up. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim -- My favorite is the blue one with the pink ears. Happy Easter! Florence

Josie McRazie said...

LOVE the get-up!! As always you are a hoot!! It sounds like a great time was had at your BYOE party!! It is always great to get together and have a great creative time in amy way you can!! Happy and Blessed Easter!!

quiltmom anna said...

Great ears and slippers Kim- I love them both. You have the perfect attire for egg decorating. It sounds like lots of fun . Your sister in laws recipe does indeed sound really yummy.
Have a wonderful Easter.

dianne said...

that's probably why i don't get invited to parties - i don't have the appropriate attire ... and people are always afraid that i'm gonna show up in my flamingo slippers and embarrass the beejeepers outta them.

i like the green w/stripes egg - it looks like a watermelon ... and the blue one with flowery looking things looks like a piece of calico ... but the faces are just too doggone cute ('cept maybe the skeleton one - didn't he color a creepy egg last year, too?) for words!