Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a Little Something I Whipped Up . . .

I had a wonderful time with my stitching friends today. Everyone brought some kind of food to contribute and our hostess made a really yummy chicken and rice salad--you can find it HERE--photo and recipe. Heavenly!

The six of us friends started talking about sewing spaces and I mentioned that mine is small, and over the last several weeks, it's become EXTREMELY messy--you know how sometimes spaces become catch-all spots and nothing ever gets put away? That's how mine was feeling. My plan was to do what I could to clean it up this evening.

I came home from our day together and I decided that what I needed most was a little nap; an hour later, though, I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the job.

It's amazing what a little time spent organizing and cleaning up can do! Somewhere along the way, I came across the "makings" for a small quilt. It occurred to me that if I could finish putting it together, I could put all the leftover pieces away and that would be one less thing cluttering up the room--so that's what I did!

Last spring when I made the picnic quilt, I used some leftover Fig Tree fabric to demonstrate disappearing 9-patch blocks in the class I taught, and that's where these pieces came from. I had everything except the outer borders cut, and the disappearing 9-patch blocks and some of the sashing were already pieced. Easy peasy! Within about two hours (while watching MI-5 on PBS), I had the quilt top finished, and it was a nice break from the cleaning.

Someone--I think it was Cara--mentioned that having participated in the Year of Schnibbles meant having a lot of small quilts made up in case she needed one for a gift, and that's what I think this one will be. I'll need to quilt it, but I think an all-over quilting design would be appropriate and quick for this little quilt. But that will have to wait for another day. I nearly have the Sweat Shop cleaned up, but there's one more project I want to finish and put away before I go back to the other things I've been working on. But that will have to wait for tomorrow because it's my bedtime. Thanks for visiting!


Kris said...

Tidying is essential! I love that you sewed as part of your tidying. I'm going to do that every time I tidy too!

Robin said...


dianne said...

maybe ... just MAYBE ... if i took a two hour break from cleaning the magick shoppe and SEWED i wouldn't have so many surprises the NEXT time i decided to tidy up

Anonymous said...

ONE of the GREAT bonuses of getting together with friends to sew is the energy and inspiration they give us to go home and get a lot accomplished in a small amount of time. Love your quilt AND the bag you made your hostess! Florence

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

You always amaze me - just one of the reasons I think you are pretty darn special - amazing!
We had a as much fun eating as we did chatting and oh stitching/creating too. Heading over to BP&HH to work the sale. ttyl