Sunday, March 28, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I think I told you Soccer Son is playing football now, right? Yep, he is. He's playing for the Sacramento Warriors, one of 16 teams playing in the Pacific Coast Football League, a minor league football organization. He and a soccer friend are the kickers. And Saturday was the first home game of the season. It was a beautiful day for a football game--just look at that blue sky! The 3 p.m. start time meant that the sun was still warm enough for T-shirts, although it got a little chilly before the game ended.

Here he comes--Soccer Son. Time to break out the pom poms! Woo-hooo! Kick a couple field goals for mom, Soccer Son!

Sadly, we soon learned that the OTHER kicker was kicking the field goal and point after attempts today. No points for Soccer Son--or for the other kicker for that matter, although he had a couple chances. In this game, Soccer Son's job was to take the kick offs and punts, and he did a wonderful job, even if I DO say so myself!

Actually, I only say so because that's what I heard other people in the stands saying. Seriously, although I know some basic football "stuff," I have no idea about some of the finer points of football--like where you want to kick a ball when the other team is about to take possession.

Soccer Son's fiancee and I sat together, and unfortunately she had no more idea about what was going on than I did. Lots of whistle blowing though. Hubby wheeled himself down to the FAAAAAAAAAR end of the field, claiming he could see better from down there, although we suspected he just didn't want to be bothered explaining football to a couple of females when he was trying to watch the game.

There he is again! Look at those YELLOW shoes my boy's wearing! Besides the fact that he's about half the size of most of the other players, those yellow shoes made it easy for this mom to keep track of her son! It was kind of like looking for a duck with skinny legs and big yellow feet!

In the end, we lost, 12 to 7. Bummer! Still, it was a fun way to spend a glorious spring afternoon. I hope that you, too, are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for checking in on mine!


Jocelyn said...

Kim, I'm with you. I don't know much about football or many sports. But I'm glad that you had fun watching your son play. Hope he does well.

Anonymous said...

I think it doesn't matter the sport the kids play...we enjoying seeing them play it. You go right ahead and hoot and holler as any good mom should!

Kelly Ann said...

so do we change his name??? maybe just call him "the kicker"....that way if he's playing soccer he can kick and if he's playing football (the true sport) he can kick...just sayin'....

dianne said...

it's what we do - if i'd been you, i would SO be yelling, "that's MY baby!!!" every time he went on the field ... and he looks quite dashing in his YELLOW shoes

Unknown said...

LOL you make me smile. YAY for Soccer Son. I managed to go through two high schools and a university that were huge football schools and no nothing, then I married DH and I've finally had to learn just to save my sanity.