Saturday, September 26, 2009

And More . . .

Today I went in search of pumpkins. First, I let my fingers do the searching--on the internet. Turns out that most of the pumpkin farms in our area don't open until October 1st. Why am I feeling like I'm so LATE this year then? Maybe I'm early?

I found a local nursery only about a 10 minute drive from the office that had a nice assortment of all the weird pumpkins--the red-orange variety, the white variety, the light green and dark green varieties, and of course the plain old orange variety--but in lots of different sizes. Just what I was looking for! BUT what I wasn't looking for was the price--most of the medium/large pumpkins were priced around $17 to $18. YIKES! So, I limited myself to a smallish white pumpkin and a few of the smaller sized plain old orange pumpkins. Oh, and a couple small white and orange striped ones that were fairly cheap, considering. So now I have a kitchen table scattered with pumpkins--tomorrow I'll finish the decorating and find places for them around the house.

I've talked to a few local people over the last day or two about the obvious absence of fall. All my friends who normally break out their autumn decor in the first couple weeks of September are incredibly slow to get going this year because it still feels like summer! I'm quite envious of all of you who have said fall has arrived in your area. Our weekend forecast? A severe weather alert. Here's what it says:


Aren't you sorry for me? If you answered yes, then could you do me a favor? If you have fall where you live, go outside Saturday afternoon and blow as hard as you can toward California. Sunday's supposed to be 102 degrees. And while we DO tend to stay somewhat warm in California in the fall, it's not usually THAT hot and we can count on crisp mornings and evenings--but not this year, not so far.

I was flipping through a Halloween magazine the other day, and they showed an idea where they'd taken a photo of a graveyard and had it blown up to the size of a mural and then taped it to the inside of the windows. I think that's what I'm going to do with yesterday's fall blog photo. Maybe I can just stay indoors with the air conditioning on, tape that photo to the living room window, and pretend it's fall outside.

And SOUP? I was in Trader Joe's today, looking at the soup and remembering what eating soup was like. I WANT SOUP! I want it to be chilly enough to eat soup--and not Gazpacho! I want to eat comfort foods again. I want to bake. ARRRRRRGH!

And worst of all? I think all this waiting has invaded my quilting mojo. I can't seem to get motivated to DO anything. My next quilting "task" is to pin the Buggy Barn witch quilt for quilting, but do you think I could get myself talked into doing that this week? NO! Why? It just seemed like too big a job--although it seriously isn't. And I know that. But I'm deep into waiting mode--waiting for the quilting fairies, I suppose, to come do it FOR me.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to stop waiting. Tomorrow I'm going to pin the quilt. I'm going to finish the fall decorating. I'm going to roast a chicken and make gravy and who knows what else--maybe we'll have a mini-Thanksgiving. And I'll get my box of apples and bake an apple-something. Because maybe if I ACT like it's fall, and if you'll all blow really hard in the direction of California--maybe Autumn will arrive!

Or maybe not. But I can still pretend.


Kelly Ann said... don't want me blowing to hard to have our cool temps, I'm way to close to DC and it might suck some of the hot air from there then you would really be in trouble!
I'm with you, did the whole candle fall candle thing last week and Andrew said it was too early for fall...we didn't have a nice hot summer in Virginia like you did.

Lisa at Sun Naturals said...

Hi Kim,
Although I love fall colors and decorating, (I am making a new pumpkin table runner) I am just not ready for the cold yet. Here in New England we have the cool crisp mornings so I will be happy to blow some west if you send me some warm air. Like Kelly Ann said, we did not get our fair share of summer this year; we had below normal temps and June was one big rain! I do like the pretty leaves though :-)

dianne said...

high 60's/low 70's today and tomorrow - i am still a popsicle from the earlier part of this week ... no more squash for dianne - and the tomatoes are draped with towels to protect them from frost - brrrr! i'll go outside right now and blow it toward you!

Searchfamilies said...

We went looking for some small pumpkins & none in the supermarket of any size told they be in later so may be it is early but it 5 weeks to Halloween & my baby's birthday he be 33 lol
I hope you will start to feel like you want to quilt & will do so take care
Hugs Janice

Ila K. said...

When the basting fairy godmother is done at your house, would you send her to South Dakota?

Your pumpkins sound interesting! Looking forward to a picture!

MichelleB said...

We're warm down here too. Not "us", but those further inland. It's icky. I thought we were having El Nino? Doesn't that mean more rain?

Orcsmom said...

Hey Kim,
Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse has a HUGE assortment of pumpkins, gourds ect., and really really low prices. That is where I go every year!! See ya soon!!

strawberrycream39 said...

That's the spirit Kim! Don't let summer push you around! Fall WILL come, darnit! :-)

I love the "different" pumpkins too but they are definitely more expensive. We go to a pumpkin patch where any one is $1...just the regular orange ones though. I usually go to another one that has the cool pumpkins and end up spending another $30. But I love them!

Micki said...

Fall is a wonderful time of year. We have tons of pumpkins here.
Enjoy the beauty of fall!

Anonymous said...

Sending you a blow of cold air from Wisconsin :o) An even bigger cold front moves through tomorrow.... temps down into the
30's..... I wish you could have some too :o(