Sunday, June 15, 2008

As the Weekend Draws to a Close . . .

A person shouldn't be this tired at the end of a weekend--unless they've been out having fun 20 hours a day! I swear it seems like this has been the least relaxing weekend I've had in a long time.

Saturday morning I spent ironing mostly. I remember summer mornings when I was young, and my mom would do the same thing. The difference was that we didn't have air conditioning and she'd do her ironing in her underwear. Not me! I burn myself with the iron enough as it is--I sure wouldn't want any saggy body parts hanging around to get between the iron and whatever I'm pressing!

Anyway, I've been lucky enough to find a fair amount of Battenberg lace items during my thrifting excursions, and that's mostly what I was ironing. Here's a photo of my new-to-me bedroom curtains:

Much of Saturday I puttered around the house, doing some rearranging, putting away, and cooking. I tried out both of Vallen's recipes I mentioned the other day, and they were yummy!

Today, I spent nearly all day cleaning and cooking. I didn't PLAN to shampoo the livingroom carpet, but this morning Hubby was waiving his arms around, enthusiastically describing a soccer play, and knocked over a whole glass of lemonade, all over the wall, the carpet, and the table. So the carpet cleaner made an appearance. I don't think you're allowed to kill husbands on Fathers' Day, are you?

For dinner tonight I made Thimbleanna's German potato salad, coleslaw, and BBQ'd chicken. Hubby loved it all; so did the boy child. (I had to make the boy's potato salad without onions. Aren't I a saint?!) Lemon cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting was dessert. All of it was delicious!

Between cooking, cleaning, arranging, moving, serving, and shampooing, I snuck in a few quilting breaks and finished up the patriotic quilt. Barbie Jo left me a comment the other day telling me she's expecting me to get a bunch of quilts done while she's on vacation--I'd hate to disappoint her! I have it up on the wall, but I'm still waiting for the quilt rod hubby's making for me. The rod's not done yet because Fathers' Day apparently exempts a man from doing anything more strenuous than waiving his arms around and knocking over lemonade. But I thought you'd like to see it--

Until this afternoon, we had a shelf/drawer thing hanging on this wall, but the boy child helped me take it down and move it around the corner to the kitchen. I still need to remove this ugly wallpaper and do something to this wall, but I'm holding off until I re-do the kitchen. In the meantime, I'll just try to hide it with quilts. And I'm liking the new location of the shelf/drawer thing quite a lot--I'll get a photo to show you in a few days after I finish arranging "stuff."

I need another day of weekend to relax now, but that's not gonna happen. Back to work tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

Love the quilt, Kim. The stripes are just perfect.. Only you would think of putting those smaller stars wacky.

Yah! Done before the 4th of July.

Hey, we got a birthday month coming.

Angie said...

That quilt is adorable!!! I've been drooling over all of your thrifty finds too, woman---I wanna come and go to your Thrift Store--you get all of the good stuff!! :) Those curtains are wonderful in your bedroom, and your picture there on the wall---I just love it!! :)

MichelleB said...

Love the quilt. It looks great.

Darlene said...

Had to pop in and ask - is it for me???? LOL
I love it!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WHAT?? No naked ironing going on over there? LOL!!! Lord help you if you drop that hot thing.
I love that patriotic quilt. That is great.
Ohhhh I hope Thimbleanna reads that you also made that potato salad minus the onions. She thinks I'm crazy already. LOL

Desi said...

That is such a charming way to emphasize the beauty of your center panel. Well done!

Chocolate Cat said...

Patriotic quilt looks great finished. I didn't realise I would still be making my son meals without onion for ever, thought it was just a stage!!!!! The lemon cupcakes sound yummy and no you can't kill your husband on fathers day!!

Sherry said...

Those curtains look awesome! Your mom ironed in her underwear? OMG, that is a hoot! Another thing we have in common, my (20 something) son living at home wants me to leave the onion out of everything too! LMAO We are saints. Maybe too much so :) I just love your patriotic quilt.....wonderful! If you ever get tired of it, it'll fit right in my house! LOL

Nan said...

Your curtains are so bright and fresh looking in your room. No matter what you wore while ironing, you did a very nice job.
I think you are a saint for not killing your husband, Father's Day or not. LOL! Why did it have to be lemonade? Yikes! Sounds like dinner was totally yummy goodness. You can't go wrong with a Thimbleanna recipe!
Last but not least, that quilt is gorgeous!

Michele said...

Your quilt looks awesome Kim! I love the way the stars are tilted.