Friday, March 9, 2007

Fabric Infusion

The fabric fairy arrived today, all dressed up just like my mail lady!

My friend Patty and I decided recently that we would each design six applique blocks for a patriotic quilt. Each month, for six months, we'll mail the other person our design. Pop over to Patty's blog on March 8th--there she explains the general premise of our maiden designing voyage. (Click on her blog in my Friend's list.)

Anyway, Patty, who's always very subtle but equally very successful at somehow persuading me to buy quilty things, wrote to me about some of the textural fabrics on Debbie Mumm's website, and I bit. One of the nice things about the site is that you can order fat quarters--which may well be all you'll need for an applique project. A couple days have gone by since then, and here's the fabric fairy knocking at my door. (She probably knew that I had diligently cleaned house today and deserved another reward!) Here are the fabrics I picked up--I don't know if I'll use them all in this project, but I've used her fabrics before and I'm sure I'll use them in the future.

So, I've spent a little time tonight looking at my new fabric and some of the other fabrics I have on my "patriotic shelf" in the Sweat Shop. I think when I go back to work next week, I'll work on designing my first block during my lunch hours. The idea in my mind is a flower pot with flowers and flags poking out. Funny how Patty and I came up with similar ideas without talking about it first--I think our ideas will mesh pretty well, always assuming we don't design the same things!

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Kairle Oaks said...

I can't wait to see your quilts start to develop. Sounds fun!